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We develop quality websites for over 10 years and in this time we paid a lot of attention improving the quality of the delivered code.

We believe that for each project we need to deliver the best application we can write, to offer the best solution. Websites made by us are user friendly, SEO friendly, fast and stable.

We believe that an essential component of each collaboration is communication. For this reason we communicate more with our customers and, most times, we manage to build long term relationships based on mutual respect.

Most times the problems you face are unique and because of this you need customized and innovative solutions.

We are specialized in creating complex web sites and offer complete solutions from building the site, to the maintenance, modification and promoting it.

We are building only custom management interfaces according to customer needs in order to be as easy to use and does not require advanced knowledge of computer use. To edit the content (presentation pages, product descriptions, etc.), we use an easy to use rich text editor (RTE). To manage files (images and media in general) from the server we’re using a file manager built in the editor.

Technically, we propose a PHP/MySQL application that must respect the MVC (Model View Controller) model, as it has the following advantages:

  • the MVC architecture permits business logic separation from the user interface consideration, resulting an application were it is easier to modify the visual aspect of the website without affecting other levels. The model reprezents the level of the application where the data manipulation occurs, the View is the level of user interaction, and the Controller manages the data flow between the Model and the View.
  • the application is conceived as to permit further development, without rewriting most of the code.
  • it has a SEO friendly structure
  • it imposes using several security measures

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