Розмір компанії:
250–1000 співробітників

The FastNext are a team of creative and inventive professionals who do their best to develop new hosting solutions as well as provide fabulous quality service. Our mission is to make web hosting affordable while providing our customers with outstanding support as well as a fast and reliable network, thus giving them a taste of fast hosting!

We always seek the best talent in order to provide a high level of service quality. We also research new platform configurations that will help us to make our service more failproof. We have already upgraded all our servers to AMD Opterons that use 64-bit Linux operating system in order to provide our customers with the fastest platforms available. Customers data is stored on the RAID-10 array that survives up to 2 HDDs failures without service interruption. We invest in development of the new software like MultiManager, Double backup, etc.

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