Ватутинский комбинат огнеупоров, ПАО

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Савлова Мирослава

We produce unshaped refractory aluminosilicate materials.

VKV successfully meets all challenges of market. We improve our technology of clay extracting and production on regular basis.

The quality system of the company is certificated by the international quality system EN ISO 9001: 2000. VKV as a part of business unit Chamottes Europe of IMERYS has an access to expertise in all the techniques needed for transformation.

This is guaranty o a high quality of our production. It allows keeping stable sales volume in the international market. More than 40 companies in 16 countries recognize the level of our service.

Deliveries are carried out by sea transport from ports of Black sea, Baltic sea, river barges from ports of Danube, by rail in all countries adjoining Ukraine, and of course, by motor transport.

Our company has possibility to send production in bulk, in 1T big-bags.

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