Atelier Technology Ukraine

Atelier Technology Ukraine



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We are enterprise cloud platform connecting the jewellery supply chain.

What we are building

Our software enables highly differentiated players in the jewellery ecosystem to consolidate commercial operations onto a single platform. By doing so we unlock the network effects necessary to introduce multiple game changers to the b2b environment. It is a vertical play, a private network for SMEs and above at every level of the jewellery supply chain. We empower connectivity, operations & trading.

About us

We hire intelligence and integrity. We use Slack not email, Sketch not PSD, Marker & Trello. We code in multiple stacks as we have multiple applications all addressing the same problem: we are transforming an entire industry. We want first class individuals who can make the difference.

Our culture is fierce: comply or explain. Fast moving operations need rigorous chains of command, but critically the infantry IS ALWAYS ahead of head-quarters. This means we know we must be fast in order to succeed, but we try to encourage thinking at every level to ensure we are never running in the wrong direction. We like to move fast and break things but do not suffer slow-learners: making a mistake once is an opportunity to learn, but making it twice is a decision to fail.

We are about people, we know they make or break us. We understand that your journey is also our journey, and we want it to be life-changing. If you are political (character, not interests) then this is not the right company for you. If you value transparency and strong team ethics then you will be at home with us.

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