Сіань Електрик Інжиніринг Ко., ЛТД (представництво)

Сіань Електрик Інжиніринг Ко., ЛТД (представництво)

Промисловість, виробництво
Розмір компанії:
більше 1000 співробітників

China XD Group was established in 1956, the largest production and manufacturing base with the most complete set manufacturing ability in AC/DC (10−1000kV AC, ±800kV DC) transmission and distribution equipment in China. Also, it is one large enterprise group which integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing trade and finance, could provide a full range of products with new and innovative and services for the global market in each link of power transmission and distribution. At present, XD Group owns over 70 wholly-owned enterprises or holding enterprises. Meanwhile, with own great financing capabilities, China XD Group also has superior partnership with China main financing solution providers.

Acting as the head of power transmission and distribution equipment production industry in China, XD Group shoulders the duty of promoting the technology of power transmission and distribution equipment in China and providing key equipment for national key engineering projects. It once provided complete sets of power transmission and distribution equipment and services for our national key engineering projects one after another, such as China’s first 330kV and 550kV, 750kV AC Transmission project, the first ±800kV DC Transmission project. And XD Group first developed and stored relevant technologies of AC 1100kV in China, provided such products as 1000kVGIS, reactors, capacitor voltage transformers, lightning arresters, ground switches, insulator, etc.

On the international markets, XD Group’s products and technology have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions and succeeded in entering the markets of some developed countries and regions, such as U.S.A, German, Singapore and Hong Kong, and are winning accolades in Southeast Asia, South Asia and even as far as Middle East, Africa and South America.

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