Lima Bean

Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників

The focus of Lima Bean is crafting awesome digital solutions for brands. We focus on Planning & Strategy, Creative Excellence, Rock Solid Technology and Measurement and Analysis.

We pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of all matters digital. Everything starts with a strategy, and this is where we most apply our collective knowledge — resulting in digital work that cuts through the noise and delivers value.

We are not creative for the sake of it. It has to be results driven. Creativity is elegant simplicity. It’s art, playfulness and music. Its applying all Creativity these beautiful things to brands, creating engaging experiences.

We attract some of the top developers in the industry due to our focus on making sure that things look as good as under the hood on the outside. Use best practice We methodologies and adhere to strict standards.

A major benefit of most digital work is that its effectiveness is highly measurable. It’s vitally important that insight gained is fed back immediately into the strategy, resulting in continuous improvement and better results.

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