Хеврон, академія новітніх технологій, школа, ГО

Освіта, наука
Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників

Mission: «Be responsible today for building the world we live in tomorrow.» For us, the business is based on trust between people. We form stable, faithful and enduring relationships with partners.

Vision: We build quality software responsibly. Our team creates the right approach towards our clients and projects so that orphans and disadvantaged young people will benefit through our union with Hebron, Education Charity Organization. Besides the professional features of our employees, we pay attention to personal qualities: spirituality, leadership, and embracing our company’s mission.

Goals: To provide quality services in a way that our projects change the world for the better. The material needs of a company must not interfere with its fundamental purpose: to serve the people of the company and their needs

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