L1 Tech

Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників


L1 Technologies Inc., founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Diego, California, is a leading provider of technology content, database management and design and development services for computer software for providing digital maps and geospatial information for Location Based Industry services.

Who We Are

A group of highly motivated individuals all working towards solving problems and finding new ways to deliver GeoLocation content to consumers, businesses and enterprises. With three offices and an estimated 200 employees, L1 continues to work towards new solutions for the Location Based Industry.

What We Do

Since its inception, L1 has evolved into a «PAAS» Platform as a Service powering companies products, services and systems for the Location Based Industry. By aggregating GeoData Content in multiple market segments and combining with innovative software solutions, L1 has provided partners the ability to rapidly deploy into new market segments with minimal development costs and delays. This combined service is now called «LAAS» or Location as a Service. For more information on «LAAS» or solutions L1 provides, please browse the website and request additional information.

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