5Pro Software

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Ірина Нагорна

5Pro Software is a German mobile product company working on the market since 2001.

5Pro products are working on iOS, Android, WinCE, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry 10, Blackberry and Symbian.

5Pro also excels in mobile software security. At 5Pro we are using secure software development (Secure SDL) techniques applied at all development stages: from UI prototyping to development and release.

One of the main areas of our company is .NET development for professional devices powered by WinCE and WinMobile.

Our clients are from all over the world including telecoms, automotive and marine companies.

Some of our partners: Swisscom AG, T-Mobile, Telenor Playground, Jamba GmbH, Motorola, Nokia Germany, ECT AG, Mobchanics, MEF Entertainment, Mauj, IMImobile Motion Avenue.

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