Logrus IT Ukraine

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Размер компании:
50–250 сотрудников
Контактное лицо:
Fedor Bezrukov
044 496 21 55

Logrus IT is an independent end-to-end provider of enlightened, customized, agile, cloud-based localization and IT solutions. Our comprehensive technical know-how and unique skillset have been shaped by an extensive history of large, complex, multi-year software, firmware, game and content localization projects. We identify optimal processes and quality levels for every combination of expectations, timelines, and budget restrictions, and fine-tune them for each customer and project line.

Our feedback-driven, agile approach, relentless pursuit of perfection and unmatched commitment to quality have continued to fulfill and surpass our clients' expectations since 1993. Today, we uphold the client-centric tradition of delivering elegant, efficient, innovative solutions and providing the best overall value. Logrus IT’s holistic approach to translation and localization relies on five core components:

  • Sophisticated and mature processes
  • A talented and experienced production team
  • A direct supply chain of trained, tested and trusted resources
  • A unique approach to quality (based on the universal «Quality Triangle» methodology)
  • Cutting-edge technology and metrics

120+ employees/5 countries/5 time zones/5 production sites/Organically grown since 1993

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