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Baisvik, LLC

Контактное лицо:

Baisvik company, headquartered in Kharkiv (Ukraine), is a rapidly growing company specializing in the field of system and application software.

Established in 2010, Baisvik company is engaged in software development for personal computers operating under Windows control.

Baisvik team is represented by high-skilled experts in the field of system, applied and web programming, owning all the necessary knowledge and skills for development of reliable, highly-optimized and, in a word, of high-quality software.

In the near future we plan to release plenty of software products for optimization of your systems. We hope that our products will allow you to use your personal computer as productively as possible. We are ready to co-operate closely with users of our products and we do not have doubts that this is the key to success of our programs, and, hence, of Baisvik company.

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