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Travelmate has created a new market with autonomous robot suitcases. Our company is likewise poised to fully take advantage of being the first consumer robot on the market.Consumer robotics is in its infancy right now. Its applications have been limited and most real advances in robotics have been limited to industrial robotics. There has also been great progress in prototype robotics made ostensibly for academic purposes; but the cost of these robots is absolutely prohibitive and they remain impractical for everyday situations.In terms of mass produced robotics, we see that the industry is even more limited. There have been some robot toys but nothing has really disrupted the market or changed the way people go about their daily lives. Perhaps the most interesting recent consumer robot is the robot vacuum. That too is incredibly limited and has no real artificial intelligence or dynamic movement implemented.With Travelmate, we are creating a new industry with robotic suitcases. We’re not just innovating with an interesting new type of luggage. Instead, we are creating the first ever multi purpose robot platform that is mass produced.

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