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Our Way

We want to make luxury accessible and part of your daily life.

While major brands in our industry markup their products 8−16x of the actual cost — we do things differently.

By bypassing traditional channels, building direct relationships with the best manufacturers, and designing our products in-house, we’re able to provide high-quality, beautiful luxury goods at down-to-earth prices.

About us

Filippo Loreti was founded to challenge the belief that luxury should only be affordable to the one-percenters in society.

​The journey began with the launch of a record-breaking collection of in-house designed, Italian-inspired watches that collected over $10.4 million in pre-orders from customers worldwide. We’ve since expanded into smartwatches, jewelry, leather goods, and more.

​Our vision is to become the premier lifestyle brand for technology-savvy, fashion-conscious millennials.

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