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WE ARE THE WORLD’S LARGEST ACTIVATION NETWORK Imaginative. Effective. Influential. We combine data, insights and pitch perfect creativity to find and own precisely the right combination of spaces, places, moments and voices along the Purchase Decision Journey. This unique approach results in more people, buying more of our clients' brands, more often. We call this Precision Activation.

WE LIVE IN AN OMNI CHANNEL WORLD where the merging of physical, digital and social means people can browse, share, compare and buy, anytime, anywhere. Today, it is much more challenging to influence people not just to think or believe something, but to act.

WE CREATE IDEAS THAT MOVE PEOPLE TO ACT Anchored in deep data and drilled-down insights, we develop big ideas that engage people at precisely the right time, in the right place (physical or digital) and with the right approach — an approach relevant and meaningful to people, and, efficient and effective for our clients.

WE COMBINE SMART STRATEGY AND BROAD CAPABILITY WITH A FOCUS ON CREATIVITY With over 4,000 people in 56 countries we have an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise across all disciplines, essential to the delivery of powerful Precision Activation solutions which build winning brands and businesses.

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