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Atlas Recruiting

Atlas Recruiting

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Пошук персоналу, HR

50–250 співробітників


Atlas recruiting is a recruiting company breaking employment stereotypes. We are selecting personnel for international logistics companies in Europe and the United States.

Our mission is to provide you with a job that will bring you joy and pleasure.

People write history. People build businesses. People are the main value. Atlas recruiting is a very special community. This is a group of like-minded people: active, proactive, motivated, focused on professional and personal growth.

We have a superpower: finding promising, talented, ambitious people and helping them become successful logistics professionals.

We don’t care about your age, work experience, nationality or grades at school. Your values, ambitions, personal qualities and, of course, your level of English are what matters to us.

We are creating a new culture of organisations in Ukraine. In cooperation with international companies, we implement a Western approach and Western culture in Ukraine. We have a goal, values which, as a reference point, gather the community around us. That is what makes us special.

Our employees are holistic individuals. We apply high standards, work for the best companies and find promising talents. With us, people get trust, maximum freedom in the implementation of their ideas, as well as opportunities for professional growth.

We work only in the sphere of logistics. This means that you will work for a large international logistics company without leaving your hometown.

Logistics is one of the most stable sectors of the economy, which is especially important in our time. Logistics offers you dynamic growth, professional development, exciting tasks and real challenges, thanks to which you will be able to reveal your potential and prove yourself.

Before getting started with your work, you will undergo training, where you will learn all the nuances and subtleties of the profession, acquire the necessary skills allowing you to become a successful specialist. And what is important, you can apply these skills in everyday life.

Atlas recruiting «A whole world of career opportunities»


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