ITeamPro is a team of highly skilled, experienced and motivated professionals in software development, working together since 2009 year. It’s a complete consolidated group of like-minded persons, enjoying of producing software products as a single whole.
ITeamPro is strongly aimed to produce quality-oriented cost-effective robust software. Common gained experience allows meeting customers’ expectations and even assisting in making innovations of customer business by means of developing the software.
ITeamPro manages the development process effectively. The team members are open to learning new technologies via both self-education and attending third-party courses and certifications.
ITeamPro consists of the following people:
• Senior Software Developer, Tech Lead
• Senior QA, QA Lead
• Senior Symbian Developer
• Senior Java, Android, Blackberry Developer
• Desktop and Mobile Software Developer
Personal summaries are below. Each experience item contains number of years in the brackets.

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