The Leavitt Institute For International Development is a Charitable Organization of experienced professionals devoted to improving the rule of law in developing democratic nations of the world.

Organized in 2005, The Leavitt Institute unites educuational institutions, seasoned professionals, governmental entities, and other non governmental organizations to instill in the rising generation the character traits and skills necessary to govern in an independent democracy. With offices and partnerships in the United States and Ukraine, The Leavitt Institute actively seeks partnerships, both insitutional and personal, with responsible groups and individuals in the democratic world. For a list of Leavitt Institute partners, click here.

The Leavitt Institute provides a mechanism whereby legal professionals may serve the world around them in a positive way. Leavitt Institute volunteers are legal professionals who devote time and resources without cost or remuneration. By so doing we develop the humanity within us and acquire a greater understanding of how to maintain the rule of law in our own nations.

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