Glagoslav Publications Ltd.

Glagoslav Publications Ltd.

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Glagoslav Publications is an independent British-Dutch press specializing in the publication and worldwide distribution of English translations of fiction and non-fiction titles by Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian authors.

Expertise in Slavic and European languages and literatures, extensive experience in international publishing, and a deep appreciation of the histories and cultures of both Western and Eastern Europe enable us to offer English-speaking readers throughout the world access to important works that deserve an audience beyond their native lands. We seek out books from Slavic countries that represent an important part of our common cultural, literary, and intellectual heritage and that promote a better understanding of this intriguing but often misunderstood part of the Eurasian continent.  

The primary focus of Glagoslav Publications is to bring out translations that embody values that are uniquely Slavic in nature. Every book that we publish has already achieved an engaged readership in its native land, has been recognized by international critics, and, in many cases, has either received or been short-listed for prestigious national and international awards.

Currently Glagoslav Publications is preparing to launch an entire series of previously untranslated fiction and non-fiction titles and to republish translations that deserve the attention of international readers with an interest in Eastern Europe.

In the near future it will be possible to easily purchase our first print and e-book titles across the globe. Thanks to advances in the art of publishing and distribution, high-quality print editions will be available for low-cost, fast delivery not only through our website and other internet vendors, but also through most local bookstores in the United States, Canada, UK and other EU Countries, Australia, New Zeeland and throughout the world.

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