Школа вищого корпусу державної служби

Контактное лицо:
Катерина Чельцова
(044) 279-29-51

The School of Senior Civil Service was established by the Government of Ukraine in October 2008 to promote the formation and development of senior civil service and also provide support for public management reform. The School has been created under the auspice of the Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine.

Prorizna str. 15, 01601


Founded: October 2008

Information: According to international practice, investment in the development of senior civil service is the most effective way to support reform.

General information: Since being established, we have been contributing to the formation of highly professional and well-educated personnel of Ukraine's senior civil service by implementing training programmes of a new format. Valuing managers' time and seeing what they need, we help them obtain knowledge and polish skills that are necessary to tackle practical managerial issues.

The School is designed not only to hold training programmes but also establish a professional club for public leaders where they can discuss social development priorities and government policy options.

Aim: Ukraine needs a professional group of top mangers, i.e. senior civil servants that are familiar with contemporary managerial approaches and are skilled enough to take the lead and manage changes successfully. They need to obtain specific knowledge in such areas as strategic management, change management, negotiations, risk management, finance and human resource management.

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