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Fly Express, which provides combined services of quality, expertise and unconditional customer satisfaction, is one of the biggest international tour operators in Turkey.
Our company, established by honorable Nihat Cimen in March 1993, continuously provides services to domestic and foreign customers with tens of qualified employees at offices found in various locations like Istanbul, Amsterdam, Dubai, Kiev and Bangkok.
To create reliable, quickly extendable, easily updatable, quick, effective and economical solutions in all fields of services, primarily in tourism, that we provide to our customers.
To establish a well informed qualified and visionary structure which will reach its goals swiftly while providing products to its industry.

To become a company that has the highest competitive power is respectful to ethics and customer values works with team spirit and continuously develops customer satisfaction and education level.

Fly Express is the distributor of Flydubai in Turkey.
Flydubai is the first airline of United Arab Emirates’ Dubai Emirate that was established with the low cost concept.

Fly Express is the global Sales Representative of Rezidor Group In Turkey.
The Rezidor Hotel group is one of the fastest growing hotel companies on the world. The group features a portfolio of more than 390 hotels in operation and under development with 83 000 rooms in almost 62 countries.

Fly Ticketing Services
Our reservation and ticketing staff, who work within our directorate of aviation, provide uninterrupted services to their customers with the help of the wide general delivery systems.

Charter Services (Private rental Flights)
Fly Express organizes charter flights with the most effective and lowest prices in response to the needs of its customers through Turkey’s major airline companies that it has commercial relations with.
Touristic Charter Flights
These are our weekly flights performs seasonally or for a specific period in response to the need s of foreign tour operators who want to fly to Turkey or the demands of tour operators in Turkey that are in need of charter flights abroad. With exclusive prices offered to Fly Express by Turkey’s leading airline companies, all your demands are taken into consideration.
Private Flights
These are our individual charter flight services required by big companies; sport clubs; associations and institutions. With exclusive prices offered to Fly Express by Turkey’s leading airline companies, all our demands are taken into the consideration.

Tour Organizations (abroad)
Package Tours
Since its establishment in 1993, our company prepares package programs to the leading agencies of the sector. Our package programs are economical tours that are organized for approximately 40 people and consist of transportation, accommodation, transfers and guide services.

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