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Александр Корицкий

A Web 3.0 company, that provides complex web solutions in a wide field of Web-related technologies. Please take a look around to familiarize yourself with what we have done in the past, and our current working atmosphere. We would like to work with you. No matter how complex your projects and your requirements, the team at Jelion-Systems can handle it. Please for more details — we are always looking for new partners!

Jelion-Systems team was established in 2009 by a group of like-minded professionals web developers. Starting from small e-commerce projects on the internal market, we rapidly earned respect and trust of our customers. Thanks to their recommendations, to mutual business experience and of course, to success of the projects themselves, we have moved to a higher level and started to work on the outsourcing market. It should be noted that after moving to foreign IT market, the requirements has increased dramatically in several directions. For many clients were critical to use advanced frameworks, nowadays technology, cross-browser and cross-platform application development methods, and be sure we have to bring our work process into the new level. Jelion-Systems team boldly accepted this challenge. We succeed in the implementation of all necessary requirements about the modern international standards in a short period of time. (One of the main principles of our team is a Continuous Improvement. You need to do this if you want be in trend and bring maximum efficiency to your client). Today, we are confident to work with interesting, creative projects of any complexity, as our confidence stands on a strong foundation of many years experiences. We are ready to help your business with a high-quality development, and which most importantly, with a smart decisions. Working with us, you will get a perfect service from responsible, experienced and creative team. Jelion-Systems is ready to make your dream real.

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