Language Studio "English for Real"


Maxim Achkasov's Language Studio “English for Real” offers English language lessons for both individual and corporate learners. The studio specializes in teaching general and business English.

Out of wide a range of contemporary educational material provided by the market today we suggest the courses that accord to the purposes, ability, professional activity and personal preferences of the learner.

We strive for clear results, which we believe cannot be achieved, unless the right process is applied. For this reason, we constantly look for and introduce innovative and creative educational methods. We use manifold teaching methodology with the application of effective pedagogical approaches and techniques. Numerous Power Point presentations, audio and video files are available for our students to use both in groups and on their own.

Since we are interested in the extensive personal growth of each learner, our programs include exercises and tasks, which are directed towards developing and strengthening the learner’s independent thinking in analytical and creative approaches to solving issues (often controversial) raised in studies.

Although learning a foreign language automatically suggests learning a foreign culture, we do not make our learners accept neither British culture, nor American, nor any other. We believe that each nation has its own cultural heritage, color, beauty and way of thinking. For this reason, we always encourage learners to know and be able to present their own moral values, worldview and life position even in the language of another nation.

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