ARTronic Electronic Co. Inc., has been setup in 1995 to produce Uninterruptible Power Supply. İn 1997, with the need of bigger closed area because of fast growing, ARTronic has moved to new management building in İstanbul at Dudullu area. By starting 2002 the factory in Tuzla Industrial Free Zone has been activated to start export business. ARTronic Co. Inc. offers various solutions for the uninterruptible power supply need from 600 VA until 8000 kVA.

Presently, ARTronic products including UPS, inverter, rectifier, power control units and VRLA batteries are exported to 43 countries in 4 continents.

The products which are sold with ARTronic brand name are supported by Phoenixtec' technology and R&D , who is one of the 5 biggest UPS producer in the world.

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