Maytech - secure file sharing

Maytech is the leading provider of FTP Hosting and secure large file transfer services.

Businesses worldwide rely on our FTP Hosting services for mission critical file sharing, digital workflows and distributed content.

Our core service FTP-Stream enables you to securely transfer large files and share confidential data with customers and partners using FTP, SFTP or your web browser.

FTP-stream is feature rich with huge storage and unlimited transfers. Upload, download, manage and share any size files securely using any web browser (HTTP and HTTPS) or FTP software including secure FTP methods - SFTP and FTPS.

FTP-Stream China plans include free replication between servers in Hong Kong and US or Europe ensuring quick and secure large file transfer to and from China.

With servers in London, New York and Hong Kong, FTP-stream is always local and always fast.

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