Created at the beginning of 2008, Adyax is an agency specializing in all Open Source technologies.Adyax is often seen as an expert in Open Source technologies . Compliance with the "rules of the art", as they are commonly known in the IT development community, is central. This total quality control allows applications to work faster, to be scalable, and to be maintainable. 
Adyax has followed this inevitable movement of new technologies since it began and has chosen to specialize in mature, open source technologies for the Internet, both mobile and fixed. Each year we develop the most complex projects: web sites for international groups, governments, NGO leaders, mainstream media, or for innovative and ambitious "start up's" .  
Using this expertise, we deliver a hundred, often very complex, digital projects every year while preserving strong ties with each of our customers. We benefit from the competence of the best Drupal and Magento engineers in the world, which allows us to guarantee an irreproachable development time and quality. 

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