DEOL Partners


DEOL Partners was established in 2004. At the moment, the Company' investment and development activities are concentrated in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, and the largest regional cities.

DEOL Partners comprises several strong brands created from scratch. They include the Senator Apartments and 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. Our team created a strong brand identity which existing and potential clients recognise as signifying high quality, value for money and unique.

We are looking for opportunities both in real estate and labor markets and we are open to collaboration in order to realize attractive investment portfolios and to achieve results.

Successful and strong organizations achieve their results through employee career growth and innovative culture setting. We are sure our personnel are a vital key to drive the business forward and beyond. Thus, we pay great attention during the recruitment process to identifying talented, innovative and active professionals.

DEOL Partners always hire with developing a long-term relationship between associates and our company firmly in mind. We provide a challenging environment and cultivate a focused and result-orientated culture and develop those associates who are ready to become a future partner — by knowing what to do, how to build their lives and careers and by being self-driven to reach their destinations.

So, come and try a new opportunity with us!

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