DEOL Partners


DEOL Partners in order to offer our existing informal clients the commercial real estate services they need at a level of quality that was not then available in Ukraine. After practicing for a “select club” of local clients, we opened an office so we could properly service the new clients who came to us by referrals.

From the start, we wanted to structure the firm as a partnership of real estate professionals. Giving our colleagues equity in the firm would allow us to attract and retain the very best talents in the market. The strategy worked: we now have partners who come to us from some of the most respected names in Real Estate, Law, Marketing, and Consulting.

Our emphasis on partnership extends beyond our recruiting strategy. In servicing our Clients, we always approach their business as if we were partners in it. This expands our point of view so we not only deliver on the order but also provide a long-term perspective on future needs and opportunities.

Our commitment to providing real estate solutions that make a remarkable difference to the business is such that we still limit the number of clients we service. We want a Partner involved personally in every assignment we handle. Typically, our engagement teams are overstaffed compared to industry standards.

We offer a flexible package of Real Estate Services to suit your needs and your business objectives, namely:

Brokerage &Transaction Services
Asset Services
Advisory Services
Corporate Services
Valuation & Appraisal
Research & Analytics
Land Transactions
Investment Services
Development and Project Management
Debt & Equity Financing
To be consistently recognized as the most competent Commercial Real Estate Services Firm in Ukraine.


To deliver Real Estate solutions which create more value for our clients than those of our competitors. We will achieve this through expertise, innovation and a higher level of professionalism.
To provide fulfilling careers, professional satisfaction, and attractive compensation for our team.
To achieve financial success so we can invest in people and services and fuel our growth.
We are constantly seeking to add excellent people to our growing team of real estate professionals:

If you understand our vision and our mission.
If you are client-oriented, innovative and results-driven.
If you hold a Bachelor’s degree or better in a field related to our service lines.
If you think you have what it takes to quickly become a partner.

We offer excellent professional environment based on intensive with leading international and Ukrainian companies, very attractive salary and benefits package and opportunity for carrier growth.

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