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About Our Company

Thank you for expressing interest to our company, where we meet your needs by relying on unity, creativity and quality.

Here, at UnitedThinkers ,our main focus encompasses programming, web design, site marketing and consulting of complex decisions about running a business via Internet. While we deal with the same problems other companies focus on, it is our approach that separates us from the pack. At UnitedThinkers , we emphasize intelligent development, not mechanical coding that so many others succumb to. Our programmers use semantic programming and semantics-driven architecture to approach problems with an analytical outlook onto solutions that would make sense many years after the initial launch of the program.

UnitedThinkers offers a full range of system development services - design, development and maintenance of corporate informational systems, analysis and reengineering of existing systems, creation of electronic commerce systems and general consulting. Based on the customer's real needs and perspectives on the growth and development of the system being designed, UnitedThinkers will choose the technology and instruments to maximize positive outcome and eliminate unnecessary hurdles. Why settle for a package when you can choose only what you need?

Our team is able to bring to life Internet projects of any level of difficulty. We can meet all of your business' needs, be they development of an informative website for your company or a fully functional project for an electronic commerce business, integrated with the corporate informational system. Our extensive and multifaceted experience allows us to offer real solutions to your problems. We use state-of-the-art interactive communications technologies, and create a functional methodology for fostering and maintaining client relations, so you can breathe a little easier.

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