Onet Technologies


Over the last ten years, Onet Technologies has become a key player in the civilian nuclear market.

Innovative offers place Onet Technologies as an architect engineer carrying out integrated missions, from design to completion, both inFranceand internationally.

Onet Technologies has a full technological command of the complete lifecycle of nuclear plants.


It areas of expertise are:

  • Engineering power reactors currently in operation and future reactors, engineering nuclear processes, distance operated systems and heavy equipment.
  • Maintenance, inspection and repair of primary systems in reactors during their nominal working life, but also in view of prolonging that life and increasing safety.
  • Decommissioning nuclear plants (engineering and works), a field in which Onet Technologies is the leader inFrance.
  • Design and supply of liquid and solid waste processing methods

Its 2,400 members of staff, including 700 engineers and experts,make a daily commitment to provide cost-effective, safe, tailored solutions.

Facing the future and innovation, Onet Technologies is an expert involved in projects such as ITER and generation IV reactors.

Its international network is being developed with subsidiaries already firmly established and long-term partnerships in Bulgaria, India, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom…

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