StrikeAd by Sizmek

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Юлія Ільницька

StrikeAd by Sizmek is a unit of the world leading advertising tech company. Our SaaS product is designed for buying and configuring online ad in real time on mobile and traditional web media. We process billions of transactions a month, each in under 10ms so the tech is pretty advanced. We honestly believe it can be the most interesting project you’ve ever seen!

Our system is a huge and complex Big Data solution, implemented with functional languages and distributed No-SQL data storage. We have flexible, horizontally scalable back-end architecture which makes the product tolerant to a really crazy load. We’re building a handy, fast and intuitive front-end web-platform which makes sure our customers are having fun of performing really complex tasks.

We are working on search algorithms, complex data structures, in-house ETL solutions, machine-learning, statistics analysis, etc.

Main technology stack contains Scala, Erlang, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Backbone, JQuery. We are hosting at Amazon cloud.

We have fine-tuned SCRUM-based delivery process based on continuous integration, automated testing, build and deploy processes.

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