Agency of Industrial Marketing

Маркетинг, реклама, PR
Размер компании:
10–50 сотрудников
Контактное лицо:
Shchyrin Yuriy
+38044 5928181

Agency of Industrial Marketing (AIM) was established in 1997. Our company specializes in research on the industrial markets of the Post-Soviet countries, covering Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

Traditional standard research methods applicable for mass markets are not always suitable for reaching the best marketing solution for the companies, which operate on the B2B markets. Specific conditions of these geographic markets require special knowledge and individual approach in the initial assessment and marketing analysis. We have particular experience on focusing on the narrow segments of the industrial markets; therefore, we carefully take into account the difference between industrial and consumer markets. Our Mission The mission of our company is to integrate marketing intelligence into the management system of the of B2B market companies. The fundamental goal of Agency of Industrial Marketing is to continuously expand our competence and build up the market intelligence, focusing on the markets of our research interest. To achieve the main goal of our company, we employ the following methods:

  •  Focus on specific industry sectors
  •  Formation of the marketing competence areas
  •  Provision of the comprehensive services to the key companies on the market

Our Values

  •  The first target of our research is the needs and requirements of our Client. Since we always intend to develop long-term relationships and reliable partnership, AIM approaches individual, tailored marketing requests with a special care and consideration. Similarly, the company pays attention to the efficiency level when the outcomes of the marketing research are being applied for improving the Client’s marketing strategy;
  •  Marketing Evangelization (to show the new path of market analytics value for B2B sector);
  •  The highest quality standards on the market. The company undertakes marketing projects in those fields and segments, where it possesses an adequate competence and experience;
  •  Individual research methods for the various industry sectors;
  •  Focus on professional growth and excellence every moment, every day, every year.

AIM Success Factors

  •  In-depth specialization on various sectors of industrial market;
  •  Majority of our staff members  have been working professionally in some of the researched industrial sectors;
  •  We take into account the specifics of each local national information field. For instance, when developing a research strategy, in each country we pay close attention to the structure of general statistics and data by sectors, or local peculiarities of doing business across specific industries.
  •  We have established our own network of qualified experts in the industrial sectors of our competence;

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