Synapse LLC

Контактное лицо:
Larisa Melnik

Synapse works with the world's leading companies to create products and experiences that change the way we live. With collaboration and engineering at our core, we bring the insight, tools, and processes necessary to truly deliver technology ecosystems to market. 

From ideation, building, and testing prototypes to oversight for manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to ensure that ambitious objectives become lasting realities.

 Synapse Product Development solves difficult multi-disciplinary engineering problems, through our unique blend of culture and business practices, to deliver our clients’ desired result and turn their strategically important ambitions into products.

Our vision is to create a new category in product development, set the standard for quality, become the household name in our industry, and to make a positive impact on the world.

 Our approach is a fully streamlined engineering and realization process for product development. We take concepts all the way from engineering development and manufacturing through introduction in the market. We match unique engineering talent with deep technology resources and essential project management oversight. It’s about collaboration between our mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to deliver next-level solutions for our clients and their customers.

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