SaleIT company offer service in the domains of mobile applications, incorporate sites, data analysis, data exchange systems and reporting.

Every business are unique and for any client we seek a specific approach.

Our specialists have a practical experience in the decision untypical tasks and creating of stable information systems. We do not just carry out specification requirements. We try to understand clients business and try to propose the most simple and powerful decisions.

Business without accurate reporting is like car driving without automotive equipment – this is possible but very unstable. We give you equipment and opportunity just use it and do not think about how they work.

We do not make one-time solutions, we initially point to long term collaboration. We take software part on oneself and give you opportunity to focus on your business.

We do not seek for big projects which stops after money receiving. We aspire to stable, steady pace and  mutually beneficial collaboration. Our clients grow, their profits grow, their needs grow and our service volume grows to. Giving to our customers maximally qualified services is profitable for us because it is the base of our well-being.

We do not have enormous starting budgets, we have little monthly fee. This is tough conditions for the outsource company, but it takes us in shape and forces any employee think about service quality.

In advertising all companies achieve their perfection, in reality nuances are appears. We are ready to demonstrate our quality. Contact with us right now, tell us about your needs and we make free analysis about your situation. If analysis show that we can improve your information system, we will propose to you a pilot project for free and prove our quality in reality.

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