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Are we rebels? Are we software engineers? Are we customer oriented entrepreneurs? Yes, yes, and yes! Many companies create products and solutions first and then try to market and sell those products as best as they can. We pride ourselves on innovative software products with the customer’s needs in mind. Our goal with every new design or innovation is to save time, reduce complexity, improve efficiency, and increase user’s flexibility by deploying the right combination of software and services.

The iRAPP & iRAPP TS Product Suite

The iRAPP & iRAPP TS software was created out of pure necessity. As owners of a web design company, we needed a way to blend a PC and a Mac so that we could work and test our sites on both platforms without the hassle of having two computers, two mice, two keyboards, etc. So we developed this software to make life easier for our own team and hope that you find them helpful as well.

This organically-grown product suite is fully based on customer feedback, feature requests, and new user needs for the future.

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