CHI Software

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CHI Software features dynamic team of experienced consultants and programmers, creative designers, and marketing professionals, who know how to get the most valuable results.

We are in a full command of our technologies but we are open to new techniques and constantly seek self-improvement. High professionalism allows us to create applications that live up to the highest expectations.

CHI Software focuses on delivering B2C and B2B web and mobile solutions of various complexities, leveraging the latest in .NET, PHP, Cloud, Ruby on Rails, Java, Objective C, iOS, Android, WP technology stacks.

We deliver well-implement solutions in a fast and qualified manner, flexible to fulfill specific needs of our clients. We pay a great attention to both visual design and internal implementation of our solutions.

We tailor the process using a smart mix of methodologies to create a zero-fat productive development process and to produce high quality software. By introducing transparency into our development process, delivering potentially shippable product every iteration, inspecting results, and adopting features according to customer’s feedback, we work without loss of the time and money.

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