UNHCR’s mission in Ukraine is to ensure that people fleeing

persecution can find a safe refuge and international protection in


UNHCR established a presence in Ukraine in 1994. In 2002 Ukraine

acceded to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees

and its 1967 Protocol. The role of UNHCR in Ukraine is to advise

and assist the Government as well as monitor the implementation

of the country’s international responsibilities relating to protection

of refugees. UNHCR is actively engaged with the Government and

supported by NGOs in developing national legislation and building

an effective asylum system which is in compliance with international


The overall objective of UNHCR activities in Ukraine is to

strengthen the institution of asylum. The main directions of

UNHCR activities are:

• Lobbying and advocacy for an effective asylum system

and legislation in line with international standards,

including introduction of complementary protection.

• Ensuring protection for all persons of concern, in

particular securing full and unhindered access to the

territory and the asylum procedure, and securing

protection against refoulement.

• Attaining durable solutions, including increased

resettlement opportunities, improved local integration

conditions and assistance to refugees who wish to

repatriate voluntarily.

• Striving to preserve space for asylum in the context of

mixed migration movements.

• Combating statelessness, caused inter alia by the break

up of the Soviet Union.

• Provision of legal, material and social assistance to

refugees and asylum seekers.

• Training for government officials, and civil society

involved in refugee protection.

• Advocacy activities aimed at enhancing refugee

protection and combating racism and xenophobia.

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