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Компания Украрас, занимается закупкой агропромышленных товаров и продуктов питания на територии Украины

Ukraras main focus is on foodstuff and metal projects with the goal to develop the cost-effective production and logistics to offer competitive prices as well as healthy products. Our strategy is to bring innovational contribution into agricultural, foodstuff and metal spheres, bringing the economies of developing countries to sustainable levels, increasing the level and quality of life of nations. Our benefit is successful projects in Africa, Mexico and Ukraine, our task is to attract partners and investors to develop the projects.

Our Metals and Minerals division has over 50 years of experience in global trading of Metals, as well as activities in mining. We have a strong presence with global metal markets and with our expansion into Mexico, Central and South America. We offer precise and concise delivery options to the growing Asian Markets, with this in mind we secured and maintained our own patio/yard in Manzanillo, Mexico.

We recognize that the key to any supply of raw materials whether it be for scrap metals, ores or finished products is timely and proper delivery. Familiar with all aspects of Incoterms and Trade, we strive to ensure that all deliveries are made according to the contract. We are very pro-active in our approach to every delivery and anticipate resolving any problems that potentially may occur before they arise. This is being a result of our worldwide experience spanning half a century.

We at Ukraras Ltd take great pride to reflect that we have an impeccable record for performing, whether it is around the corner, or around the world, you may be assured that once we commit to a contract, you can count on us to deliver and bank on it.

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