PacketFront Network Products


PacketFront Network Products provides access switches for broadband and enterprise networks where the user experience is in focus. Our network processor enhanced switches provides flawless IPTV, turbocharged surfing and pure performance for demanding networks. Our history dates back to 2001 when we were an integrated part of PacketFront. As of October 2012 PacketFront Network Products is a separate, privately held, company that focus only on hardware products for broadband and enterprise networks.

The company is located in Kista just north of Stockholm, Sweden.

PacketFront Network Products sells Gigabit To The Home (GTTH) routers and switches to network operators in Layer 2 and Layer 3 broadband networks and has installations in 25* countries. The company markets several brands; ASR, ServiceEngine and MetroStar being the most well known.

The company also develops its own operating system iBOS which is an industry standard CLI used to configure all PacketFront routers and switches.

We also have an R&D office in Shanghai, China.

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