Нью Вижн, ООО

Размер компании:
меньше 10 сотрудников
Контактное лицо:
Дисяк Евгений
(067) 526-16-13

The company «New Vision, LLC» was founded in the beginning of 2013.

We started as small team and growing with the years. Our customers have been and still are Ukrainian companies, such as «Viasat», satellite TV provider in Ukraine, «Overia, LLC», leader in the field of Intelligent solutions, as well as the U.S. «OneTime, LLC», the company engaged in cutting-edge areas and unique solutions in the field of mobile calendars and organizers, and European «Guerlain», famous perfume company and «CrossExpert, LLC», based in London. Our recent mobile projects include work with navigation, social resources, work with photo/video, presentation application development, work with calendars and organizers.

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