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The Social Ad Group

Winners of the IDEALondon start-up competition 2013 

Finalists for Sports Technology Awards 2014 

The Social Ad Group was created to apply a level of context to social media, offering a series of solutions to find relevance in the content generated by millions, ready to be used by businesses and brands to influence their consumer's behaviour. 

These solutions promise to... 

- Increase traffic and awareness through a new source of content 
- Generate new or improve existing revenue streams 
- Integrate targeted and contextual social media in an innovative way 

We have developed a brand new advertising format that marries positive social content to calls to actions or adverts for a brand, and injects this natively in to relevant articles and sites. 

It’s this combination of positive social content and relevant calls to action that has seen our average click through rates 8x that of standard banner ads

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