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The company is working like an IT entreprenur - Get an idea and try it in real life. Short turnaround time from the initial brainstorming to setting it free to work on. It is working to target new areas of business opportunities, whenever a full business plan has been finished.

The focus of the company is to develop and enhance business models in new solutions:

Areas that the company works within these areas:

  • Content Management Systems - for web and mobile.
  • Serving media online/offline on mobile.
  • Serving media online on web.
  • Tools for improving sales and enhancing effectiveness of working hours in sales companies.
  • Online payment management.

The company strives to achieve the development of great products, with a long lifetime for the the benefit of the users. If a product is beneficial for the user, they will with time like to see it grow and help the business blossom.  Since the company mostly works in sprints of developing the new projects, work is usually given in projectform.

The company has ownership of the project and can decide to take new routes when see fit for a project. Even so benefits from achieving great goals can be given in relation to the work being done to make the great products.

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