GRV & Co.k.s.

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Saeed Tariq

GRV & Co.ks was incorporated as a limited partnership (LP) in 2010 under the laws of the Republic Slovakia with their registered address at Stefanikova 7, 81106 Bratislava, Slovakia. GRV operate offices in Armenia, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine and the US.


The Division GRV Telecom is providing international voice services in different quality flavors. Our wholesale product addresses PTTs and alternative carriers throughout the world. Our retail product does not target the classical retail markets but call-shops and small voice niche market supplier who needs a strong partner to reach the world.


The Divison GRV Systems developed over the last years very powerful software solutions supporting all technical and commercial processes of an advanced class-4 Telecom operation. GRV System can Solve your problems with Import Rate, Profit Profiling, Rating, LCR / LLCR, Billing, Reporting, Routing, Transcoding and Number Portability.


The Division GRV Engineering provides custom tailored telecommunication software solutions to our customers or provides individual software development services, which can either be project based or charged as rented manpower. For services rendered in this division the software rights are handed over exclusively to our customers.

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