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We manufacture perishable control equipment for a variety of applications. These range from misting systems for produce cases and fish ice tables to humidification equipment for meat, fish, poultry and deli service cases. Our post harvest equipment humidifies small rooms to large warehouse facilities. This is done for all kinds of fresh produce storage and a range of other products that benefit from the extended life and quality maintained through controlled humidity or reduced ethylene. Even cut floral represents a perishable that will benefit.

Our entire line of products is designed to improve the retailer, distributor and producer’s bottom line by increased profits. This is accomplished by preventing waste, improving appearance and quality that will result in increased sales.

We support our products with a uniquely responsive worldwide dealer service organization. We have been committed to continuously improving technology since our founding in 1987 by investing substantially in our research and development program. The result is an array of products that enhance appeal, value and quality of perishable foods. Grocers benefit from lower costs and higher profits, consumers and grocers benefit from the quality and freshness of the merchandise. If you have an application for any of our products we invite you to contact us and learn more. Let us demonstrate to you our special ability to address your requirements.

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