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Artem Korytnyi

Who we are?

Nature has remained beautiful and young even after 4.5 billion years. At D-ori, we use cutting-edge science to unlock nature’s best beauty secrets. We believe in the regenerating properties of plants, and use the very best nature has to offer to create the most effective anti-aging solutions to keep you beautiful and healthy.

What we do?

We take a scientific approach to extract nature’s anti-age secrets. Our founder and CEO Diana West leads an expert team of dermatologists, biochemists and microbiologists. We have pinpointed the biological causes of aging and, after extensive research, developed an all-natural BioActive botanical formula that attacks aging at its very roots.

Why natural?

Nature provides the very best anti-aging ingredients. Chemical ingredients can only deliver short term results, bring unwanted side-effects and damage your skin after long term use. Natural ingredients on the other hand are quickly absorbed by the body, start working immediately and remain effective even after continuous use.

How we do itUsing the best technology available, we extracted Botanical Activators (powerful all-natural BioActive ingredients that fight signs of aging and prevents their development) and combined them with our Natural Base Solution (an emulsion to ensure fast penetration of activators).

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