«Baltika-Baku» LLC

The Baltika-Baku brewery is located in Khirdalan about 10 km from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan Republic. The company is the largest beer producer in the country.

Founded in 1969, the brewery was one of the most modern brewery plants in the former USSR. After a considerable reconstruction initiated by the French company, Group Castel, who took over the plant in 1997, the renovated brewery was officially re-opened in 2000 by the President of Azerbaijan Republic.

In 2008 Baltika Breweries acquired a stake in the brewery which was renamed to Baltika-Baku in January 2009.

After big investments into the plant the brewery was transformed into the modern plant with brand new equipment and technologies.

KEY DATES:1969: Baku brewery founded 1997: Group Castel acquires a controlling interest in the Baku brewery 2000: Baku brewery re-opened after renovation 2008: Baltika Breweries acquires the Azerbaijan brewery 2009: Company is named Baltika-Baku LLC

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