Alpha Directorate LLC


Alpha Directorate LLC is a company headquartered in the USA and incorporated in Lewes, the State of Delaware. We are an exciting new start-up. We are a well-funded, high-tech enterprise … currently developing a game-changing Vision of a New World … A vision that changes everything …

New ideas require brave new perspective, passionate execution, and a talented, devoted and committed team of new heroes.

This is your chance of the lifetime to join us and to become a member of our growing team!


  • Attractive salary and Fair. We take good care of our employees.
  • Permanent, full-time Position. This is not a short-term project. There is no end date to complete development. New features and ideas will never stop.
  • Job Security. Should You never need to worry About Money. There’s plenty of funding to run the company and to pay all our employees for years to come.
  • Professional growth. Working for A US-Company is A Different bit. You will expand into new technologies, become more independent and creative.
  • Remote work is comfortable and convenient. Forget about crowds and daily drives. Instead of wasting time on gas in traffic, just walk over to your desk.
  • Equity Award stock. You Receive from us A percentage share of ownership in the Company as Our Appreciation. This share can become huge in the future.
  • Visa sponsorship. We want Our top employees to Join us in the US. If you prove your dedication, our lawyers will do the rest to get you here.
  • Arrangements formal. We have Several options for Remote work, and we CAN DURING Discuss These Topics Our Interviews. The job is available immediately.

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