Kazakstan Invest & Trade Company

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Eugene Kiver
+77273527635 (251)

KIT Group is placing stake on actual values by attracting investments into the country in the form of advanced reprocessing technologies. Subsurface resources use is no longer associated with raw materials export, it has entered the category of processing manufacturing sphere. We are producing high-quality goods, in particular the subsurface resources use facilities, and are converting them into cost-effective manufacturing units targeted at ultimate domestic products output.

One of the fundamental recipes for a successful business initiation worldwide is not only an acquisition of financially viable projects but it is also linked to the reliable partner’s contribution. Possessing comprehensive geological information on the subsoil riches of Kazakhstan we are striving to invest into attractive subsoil resources management projects pursuing the purpose of their further development. Besides, KIT Group is rendering an integrated support and is facilitating in the activities of the domestic subsoil users, it is also quite successfully cooperating with major national companies of Asian markets and progressive investment groups of the West.

Social projects represent an integral part of KIT Group’s activities. This is the principal work of ‘Bes-Karu", multi-purpose alliance which is affiliated with the National Sports Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan and incorporates the Federation of ‘Equestrian Industries', ‘National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu', ‘Kazakhsha Tobeles' and Scientific & Educational Journal ‘Traveler's World'. One of the primary objectives of this Association is the cultural heritage revival and renewal of fundamental concepts of martial arts, and on the basis of these principles to ensure the upbringing of the rising generation inspired by high-spirited defenders raised with the feelings of patriotism and devotion to their homeland.

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