We are a relatively young and extremely skilled team of highly motivated professionals on a quest to conquer the world. Most of us started out in IT when we were 12 and been passionate about what we do since then. As a structure, we are self-funded and well organized company with distinct vision:

  • innovative projects: we solve problems that have not been solved before in and elegant and creative way
  • highly focused on user experience
  • we like efficient software that does not consume unnecessary resources and scales well
  • our business, as any business should be, is money oriented: we do not release products that in fact nobody wants or needs, we don’t like the «advertise & monetize» approach either
  • we are true perfectionists

In a nutshell, we aim to deliver absolute best products in niches that are of interest to us, feel free to try and http://www.hamstercoders.com/careers.html on our journey

BTW, the name «HamsterCoders» was never meant to make any sense at all.

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