Thomas English

Освіта, наука

Thomas English is a school of English for adults and corporate students. We teach groups and in-company classes. We are located near Golden Gate and in Pozniaky in Kyiv.

Thomas English Preschool is a preschool of English for children ages 6 months to 6 years. We teach groups of children near Golden Gate and in Pozniaky in Kyiv.

Our aim is to teach English and build English language community in the cities where we work. We do this through group lessons as well as events such as games and holiday celebrations.

Thomas English and Thomas English Preschool are on VK and Facebook.

Thomas English was founded by Colin Thomas in 2009 in Donetsk. The school and preschool together had over 200 students in Donetsk including corporations, adults, teenagers and preschoolers. In 2014 Thomas English Preschool moved to two locations in Kyiv and in 2015 Thomas English moved to Kyiv as well.

Our teachers are highly professional and knowledgeable, possessing at minimum CELTA, CAE A, CPE, IELTS 8.0 or equivalent knowledge.

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