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GNC International Consulting, LLC ( is a successful consulting firm and trusted Oracle Certified Platinum Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that offers a unique employment opportunity for hard-working, talented software engineers.  We are looking for qualified, dedicated people to join our team.  Our employees are grounded in teamwork, integrity, service and accountability.
GNC International, LLC is extending its successful practice in Odessa, Ukraine with Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics and Research & Development consulting teams.  We are looking for more young, talented software engineers who can join development of ongoing projects and be first in our new team of Microsoft CRM\Great Plains consultants.

GNC was founded in 1995 in Frankfort, IL USA (a suburb of Chicago).  GNC is privately owned by Garry and Nancy Cooper (i.e. the "GNC").  Garry and Nancy believe in slow and steady growth.  GNC has taken its time growing so that it can adjust internally and not grow to the point where the infrastructure is behind the company.  By growing steadily (~10-15% per year) GNC creates a stable environment for employees so they are assured that GNC is not hiring for one big project, then firing the entire team.  GNC has dedicated sales (~1 for 10 employees) to insure that billable hours are high and we are never in a position to lay off employees.  GNC has a large investment in their employees and is dedicated to keeping everyone on-board for the long haul.

GNC has always looked for new ways to show our employees how important they are to the organization.  The GNC team in Odessa enjoys 4 weeks of vacation that can be sold at the end of the year if it is not taken, 10 Ukrainian holidays, medical insurance that gives access to highly reputable medical clinics, interest-free company pay advances, chance to travel to USA and possibly move to USA with H1B visa, company - subsidized laptops, in-office English training, company-paid University English training, English practice over phone with US-based employee, employee referral bonus, and a modern working environment.  GNC is constantly adding new benefits and taking advice from employees on what is important to them.  GNC's goal is to create a productive and happy working environment to show the employees how important they are to the overall success of the company.
3. Give our employees access to cutting-edge technology from the largest software companies in the world.

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