Our markets are complex, and we embrace that.

Transferring proven business models to new, underserved or untapped markets brings its challenges. We adapt to local habits, developing proprietary solutions that meet customers' needs and circumstances.

As part of our global strategy, we have created Regional Internet Groups in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East in order to bundle local market and business model insights, facilitate regional commercial, strategic and investment partnerships, in particular with mobile telecommunication providers, enable local recruiting and sourcing and accelerate the regional rollout of our companies.

Infrastructure and last-mile delivery

We as entrepreneurs need to figure out how to adapt to local market conditions in order to accelerate the build-out of local supply chain and logistics networks in emerging market economies across the globe.

We build our own infrastructure to support each step of the e-commerce model. This gives us a competitive advantage, flexibility and speed to market. We operate our own warehouses, our own last-mile delivery fleets and our own private labels. We’re not just building online companies; underneath that, we’re building infrastructure companies that bring a consistent world-class mobile user experience.

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